Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stanley - Eating & Shopping

認得這間餐廳嗎?最近電視劇的赤柱餐廳外景.原名船屋餐廳. Boathouse Restaurant becomes very heat lately. Because it is the restaurant site for a very popular TVB story series.

赤柱有很多戶外餐廳,很有歐洲 feel.
There are many outdoor restaurants in Stanley, facing the harbour. Most of them serve European cuisine. Many people come with their puppies.

After lunch, we went on shopping. There are lots of shops selling Chinese stuff.
Stanley is a good place to shop for souveniors, Chinese clothing and many stylish products.
Hong Kong Outing - Stanley

Stanley - Harbour View

赤柱海景吾錯,我以前都响度住過一年. Harbour view at Stanley is nice. Many water sports here in summer, such as sailing, fishing, swimming and rowing. Some people even come here to take their wedding photos.

Hong Kong Outing - Stanley

Stanley - Blake Pier & Murray House

Stanley Outing - April 27, 2008 (Sunday)

Murry House and Blake Pier 美利樓和卜公碼頭都是原裝故跡,由中環搬來.

Blake Pier

Believe it or not, Murry House and Blake Pier
are heritages being relocated to Stanley from Central.


Many people fishing here. Some even come swim with his puppy!

Hong Kong Outing - Stanley

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Late Night Hot Pot

拜完山,打完麻雀,去食番餐火煱先,九時後入席比較平 滿枱食物,好開心呀!
看看Karen 如何為大家服務