Sunday, May 30, 2010

National Geo Park, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

吾講你可能吾知, 香港原來有咁靚既風景, 就在西貢萬宜水庫, 看火山岩六角柱石. 5月28日星期五, 跟聖雅各去, 只需坐車, 不需坐船, 但仍要吃暈浪丸. 從鑽石山地鐵站坐92號巴士(HK$5.8), 去到西貢碼頭, 轉綠的去萬宜東覊, 全程約HK$100, 如5人同行, 平均每人HK$20元, 亦為化算.
You may not aware that Hong Kong has this type of geography - volcanic rocks - hexagonal pillars at Sai Kung, Man Yee Reservior. The journey is a little long to get there, but it is certainly worth it. From Diamond Hill MTR Station, change to bus 92 to Sai Kung Pier Terminus. Change to green taxi to go to Man Yee Reservior East Dam. The taxi ride is around HK$100, averaging HK$20/per person if you have 5 in a group. Make sure to ask the taxi driver to wait and take you back, or ask for a paging number to page a taxi to take you back to Sai Kung bus terminus. Otherwise, it is going to be a 3-hour walk. If you are an eco fan, you can try to walk.

破邊洲 Beautiful Lanscape at Sai Kung
海蝕穴 Sea Cave
火山岩 Hexagonal Pillars
Anna in front of the Volcanic Rocks
因為是週日, 遊人不多, 天氣尚可, 但最好當然是有兩手準備.
We came on a partial cloudy day, weather is quite cooperative!

攀山英雌 Rock Climbing
Beware of rocks rolling down! 小心石頭滾下!
袁老2/4/6 攀山三人組
Yuen's Rock Climbing Trio
Hong Kong Outing - Geopark at Sai Kung

Sunday, May 2, 2010


五一勞動節, 打麻雀作勞動. 我食出清一色對對胡, 呀姊打到我十二章, 居然珠仔仲敢包我, 一隻四筒成全我雙辣代表作!

清一色對對胡, 都算係代表作, 看看何時有新猶!
Hong Kong Outing