Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dim Sum Lunch

聖誕節去飲茶 , 平過食自助餐, 又吾洗逼人 !
去海天 , 14 人不過770元 , 咪話吾底 .

Hong Kong Outing - Christmas Dim Sum Lunch

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ma Wan Park 馬彎公園

December 14, 2008 Sunday
Visit Ma Wan Park and Park Island. Many local tours come here, because it is new. But transportation is expensive. HK$20 per trip from Pier 2 in Central. Took 25 minutes to come.
去馬彎公園, 順便看青馬大橋, 你話壯吾壯觀?
Close encounter with the Tsing Ma Bridge 搭船來回, 每程要二十大元, 好貴呀 !
呢幅係懷舊相, 你話係懷D 什麼 ?
In memory of Anna's childhood?!!
The kangaroos in Australia Garden are fake ones!
Hong Kong Outing - Ma Wan Park

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Karen Graduation - Solo

Karen Master 畢業, 恭喜哂!
Hong Kong Outing - Karen Graduation

Karen Graduation - Group Photo

Master 畢業, 人人都來祝賀
November 30, 2008 (Sunday)

供書教學多年, 總算有回報
This is Hong Kong U
Here is also Hong Kong U
Hong Kong Outing - Karen Graduation

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Offsite Discovery Project

Macau Offsite
November 20-22, 2008
My company had an offsite in Macau. I was appointed the organiser. We stayed at the Westin. We were divided into teams to explore Macau and had to report on the place and each other. Our team was assigned to visit the Lighthouse. Though I have been to Macau countless times, this place looks a little new to me. At least I don't remember the typhoon signs.

Lighthouse and Chapel 東望洋燈塔和小教堂
On the tallest mountain in Macau
I don't think these typhoon signal are still in use
集思會, 歎姜汁奶茶
雖然我成日來澳門, 但飲姜汁奶茶都係第一次, 吾錯, 值得推薦
Group discussion - enjoy a cup of ginger milk tea.
I have been to Macau for many times, but never tasted ginger milk tea.
It is nice, I shall recommend it.

Hong Kong Outing - Macau

A Petisqueira Lunch

葡國美食天地 - 名符其實, 好好食
Restaurante A Petisqueira - Taipa Island, Macau
November 21, 2008 - Friday

Don't know how my boss identify this little restaurant on Taipa Island. Very authentic Portuguese food, well done, nicely presented and not expensive at all. Inclusive of 10% service fee, we paid only HK$6,700 for the 28 of us. A very good deal comparing with the poor dinner at Fernando last night.

Tapa 葡國火腿香腸和芝士
睇樣你都會話靚, 人人都想食
Does this look beautiful and attractive ?
Paella (seafood rice) 海鮮飯
真係色香味齊, 材料豐富, 確是非一般海鮮飯, 值得回味
There are really lots of seafood inside. Very delicious.
Highly recommended
Grilled Chicken 燒鷄
Very nice. Better than the one of last night.
Pineapple with Port Wine 紅酒菠蘿
我食咗咁耐葡國餐, 這個都算新菜式, 認真吾錯
A new Portuguese dessert that I never taste before.
Very innovative and delicious.
Mixed Salad 什菜沙律
Only by looking at the photo,
you can tell this is far better done than the one we had last night.
出法去睇SHOW 前, 喺威斯叮食番個下午茶餐先.
炒蜆好食過昨晚果碟, 雖然都係有沙.
燒魚,燒排骨, 燒蝦和海鮮焗豆都好好味
甜品仲有egg pudding 和chocolate mousse
色香味全兼價廉物美, 是老闆的好介紹, 值得向大家推薦
The fried clams are much better done than Fernando's, though still with sands. Grilled fish, spare ribs, prawns and seafood white beans are all very good. Apart from pineapples, we also had egg pudding and chocolate mousse as our dessert. We all had our thumbs up. Full services of coffee and tea. A very well equipped restaurant with good and friendly services. Highly recommended.

Hong Kong Outing - Macau

Fernando Dinner

法蘭度- 名大於質
Restaurante Fernando - Coloane Island, Macau
November 20, 2008 - Thursday

Accept reservation only on weekdays. Take cash only - NO credit cards.

No matter what, we arrived soon before 7pm, but the restaurant was almost full. It was expensive, set dinner plus wine/drink, without service charge, still cost HK$9,700 for the 28 of us. Though expensive, however not impressive at all.

Charcoal-grilled Chicken 燒鷄
This is the only acceptable dish for the whole night
Charcoal-grilled Sea Bream 燒立魚
D 同事話條魚好重泥味, 但係我吾覺, 只算不錯不失
My colleagues said the fish had a heavy smell of mud
Oven-roasted Suckling Pig 燒乳豬
D 肉 '煤' 既, 好差 !
Rotten meat? Totally unacceptable
Fried Prawns with Garlic 葡式煎蝦
接近 '煤', 勉勉強強
Fairly acceptable, not impressive at all
Fernando's Style Green Salad 什菜沙律
Doesn't look impressive at all?
碟炒蜆更加慘不忍睹, 賣相甚差, 兼且有好多沙.
葡國芝士, (除咗我老闆, 冇人鍾意食)
Clams came with sand. Portuguese cheese - nobody like them, except my boss. Served only Expresso, not even a regular coffee. The whole menu had no dessert. I don't kown how they can be such a famous and expensive restaurant, however with lots of customers.
Hong Kong Outing - Macau Offisite

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beijing in Red

香山公園 - Oct 17, 2008
Xiangshan Park (Frangrant Hill)

A red tour in Beijing
We come specially to see the red leaves
Unfortunately, not red enough
this little red tree doesn't look real
It's not easy to find a red tree now
滿園秋色, 不過吾夠紅
I believe the red index is only 3%
人道平分秋色, 看看北京的秋色
but in two weeks time, it should turn 70%
leaves turn red because of the big daily temperature difference
話說我們來早了, 應該再過兩個星期便會滿山紅遍
The whole mountain will turn red by November
其實北京到處都有紅葉, 不過香山最多
Red leaves everywhereXiangshan Park has the most red leaves
Hong Kong Outing - Beijing

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yuan Ming Yuan 圓明園

圓明園 - 國恥遺蹟
Ruins of The Old Summer Palace

Red leaves at the main entrance
一入門口, 就有紅葉
Beautiful autumn views
Some trees turn red
有D樹變紅, 有D 變黃
some turn yellow, like this one

雖然係廢墟, 但係都幾上鏡
ruins of the palace
can you imagine how magnificent it was?

this arc bridge is an original remain in the garden
European style group of buildings
Italian design
行到腳軟至來到西洋樓, 重要另加15元入場費,
回程又要坐電瓶車每人5元, 因為真係很累

拍膊頭都拍得幾啱, 個人好好心機幫我地影相
十二生肖噴泉遺址, 就在我們後面, 八字排列
the 12 animal fountain used to be here, behind us
We are standing at where the king used to be,
to view the fountain
以為冇嘢睇, 都行咗兩個幾鐘頭
遊完圓明園, 仲要去九門小吃玩玩
Visit the 9-Gate Traditional Snack Street
Hong Kong Outing - Beijing