Monday, September 8, 2008

Eat African Chicken in Memory of Ellen



Today is my 25th anniversary of being stucked in Macau. It was Typhoon Ellen's visit in September 8-9, 1983. In Hotel Presidente, I lined up and waited for half a day only for an African Chicken dinner box under typhoon signal no. 10 which lasted 18 hours.

It is not easy to find African Chicken to eat in Hong Kong. But I still manage to find one. Together with beef tail consumme and a soffle, my typhoon memorial dinner is very delicious.

好好食的非洲鷄,我當年連鷄骨都 dep了半個鐘頭
大大個,好誇張,好漂亮,好好味的梳乎里! HK$28
Hong Kong Outing - Portuguese Dinner

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