Saturday, February 28, 2009

Macau February 2009 - Yummy Food

Enjoy Portuguese food is a 'must' for my Macau travel. Jumbo Restaurant on Taipa Island has proven to be economic and their foods are yummy. The Portuguese vegetable soup costs only MOP15 while in the city it might cost up to MOP40 or even higher. 去澳門食葡國餐是指定動作, 小飛象同福龍都好, 不過小飛象平好多.青菜湯不過MOP15, 但福龍要MOP40. 小飛象的木糠布甸也是第一好吃, 我大力推薦.

Portuguese Grilled Eel葡式燒風蟮 (MOP90) Fried Rice with Bacalhau 馬介休炒飯 (MOP35)
Serradura木糠布甸 (MOP15)
Baked Mussels with Ham火腿焗青口 (MOP 30)
Portuguese Grilled Veal 葡式燒牛仔肉 (MOP138)
Hong Kong Outing - Macau Food

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