Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lions Nature Education Centre 獅子會自然教育中心

Organic Agricultural Products
We are familiar with plenty of vegetables for our everyday diet. Have you even seen them in the field? Here at Saigon Lions Nature Education Centre, you can. Let's see a few of them.

有好多嘢我哋成日都食, 但佢地在田裏的風姿如何, 你又見過未? 現在先看幾款.
Anna and Tomatos Tomatos 蕃茄
Rice Field 水稻
Cucumber 青瓜
Baby Egg Plant 矮瓜仔
Celery 西芹 Malabar-Nightshade 潺菜
Small White Vegetable 小白菜
Chinese Wolfberry 枸杞
Hong Kong Outing - Sai Kung

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