Saturday, November 22, 2008

Offsite Discovery Project

Macau Offsite
November 20-22, 2008
My company had an offsite in Macau. I was appointed the organiser. We stayed at the Westin. We were divided into teams to explore Macau and had to report on the place and each other. Our team was assigned to visit the Lighthouse. Though I have been to Macau countless times, this place looks a little new to me. At least I don't remember the typhoon signs.

Lighthouse and Chapel 東望洋燈塔和小教堂
On the tallest mountain in Macau
I don't think these typhoon signal are still in use
集思會, 歎姜汁奶茶
雖然我成日來澳門, 但飲姜汁奶茶都係第一次, 吾錯, 值得推薦
Group discussion - enjoy a cup of ginger milk tea.
I have been to Macau for many times, but never tasted ginger milk tea.
It is nice, I shall recommend it.

Hong Kong Outing - Macau

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