Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fernando Dinner

法蘭度- 名大於質
Restaurante Fernando - Coloane Island, Macau
November 20, 2008 - Thursday

Accept reservation only on weekdays. Take cash only - NO credit cards.

No matter what, we arrived soon before 7pm, but the restaurant was almost full. It was expensive, set dinner plus wine/drink, without service charge, still cost HK$9,700 for the 28 of us. Though expensive, however not impressive at all.

Charcoal-grilled Chicken 燒鷄
This is the only acceptable dish for the whole night
Charcoal-grilled Sea Bream 燒立魚
D 同事話條魚好重泥味, 但係我吾覺, 只算不錯不失
My colleagues said the fish had a heavy smell of mud
Oven-roasted Suckling Pig 燒乳豬
D 肉 '煤' 既, 好差 !
Rotten meat? Totally unacceptable
Fried Prawns with Garlic 葡式煎蝦
接近 '煤', 勉勉強強
Fairly acceptable, not impressive at all
Fernando's Style Green Salad 什菜沙律
Doesn't look impressive at all?
碟炒蜆更加慘不忍睹, 賣相甚差, 兼且有好多沙.
葡國芝士, (除咗我老闆, 冇人鍾意食)
Clams came with sand. Portuguese cheese - nobody like them, except my boss. Served only Expresso, not even a regular coffee. The whole menu had no dessert. I don't kown how they can be such a famous and expensive restaurant, however with lots of customers.
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