Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ma Wan Park 馬彎公園

December 14, 2008 Sunday
Visit Ma Wan Park and Park Island. Many local tours come here, because it is new. But transportation is expensive. HK$20 per trip from Pier 2 in Central. Took 25 minutes to come.
去馬彎公園, 順便看青馬大橋, 你話壯吾壯觀?
Close encounter with the Tsing Ma Bridge 搭船來回, 每程要二十大元, 好貴呀 !
呢幅係懷舊相, 你話係懷D 什麼 ?
In memory of Anna's childhood?!!
The kangaroos in Australia Garden are fake ones!
Hong Kong Outing - Ma Wan Park

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