Sunday, January 18, 2009

Macau 2009 - Sightseeing

Spring Macau Tour - January 15-16, 2009

We don't only go to Macau for casino and food, we also had some sightseeing. We visited some of the heritage sites. 我地去澳門吾係只去食同玩, 亦有觀光, 一些遊人必到之處我們都有去, 且看有圖為証.

Senado Square
The fountain is a landmark of Macau
議事亭前地, 噴水池是澳門地標 Chinese New Year is approaching 幾有過年氣氛
Holy House of Mercy 仁慈堂
Holy House of Mercy 仁慈堂
Ruins of St. Paul's 大三巴
哪吒廟 - 舊城牆遺址
Na Tcha Temple / Section of the Old City Walls
I took this with my new camera's HD function, is it really better?
這段菲林是我用新相機的高清拍攝, 你話效果如何?
Macau Sightseeing

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