Sunday, May 3, 2009

香港古蹟遊 - 文武廟

文武廟 - 咸豐年已經存在,有過百年歷史。是香港一等一的古廟。 去完甘棠第,順路去就近的文武廟看看,實行做本地遊客。
Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong. A famous heritage, and a very popular tourist spot for local and overseas visitors.
講你吾知信吾信。文武廟D香火旺盛到不得了。而且是西方遊客的熱點。而我等本地遊客亦為數不少。Believe it or not, this 100-year old temple is full of visitors everyday.
知吾知文武廟點解叫做文武廟。睇吓這幅相就知。話說摸吓支筆就會中狀元。未知摸吓張刀會吾會做大將軍。Why Man Mo Temple is called Man Mo? Man - literate, touch the pen and you will get good exam results. Mo - military - touch the weapon, you might become a successful general.
行完文武廟去摩羅街睇吓。摩羅上街在摩羅下街之上. 但係吾知點解見吾到摩羅下街. 重有,原來摩羅上街的英文名叫做Upper Lascar Row。咁Cat Street個名又點來呢?不明來歷。After the Man Mo Temple, we visited the famous antique street Cat Street. But we only see the Upper Cat Street, and not the Lower Cat Street. Don't know why. But mind you, the proper name of Upper Cat Street is called Upper Lascar Row.
Hong Kong Heritage Tour - Man Mo Temple

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