Saturday, January 19, 2008

Beijing Food Tour - Day 3 - Imperial Meal

Authentic Beijing Chinese Cuisine Lunch – December 31, 2007
Restaurant: Daojiachang Beijing Cuisine Restaurant
Total: ¥48, no service charge and no need to pay for tea

勁抵勁好吃的一餐,也是極之老北京風味的一餐, 宮廷小吃替代仿膳

Here’s our menu:
• Qing Dynasty Imperial snacks – kidney bean rolls云豆卷¥10
• Glutinous rice rolled with sesame 驢打滚¥6
• Clay oven baked rolls with minced pork 宮庭肉末烧饼 (Empress Dowager Cixi’s favourite)¥12
• Specialty sauce noodle (zha jiang mian) 炸酱面¥8
• Fried beancurd with gravy and fungus 虎皮豆付¥12



Stuffing in


Mixing sauces with noodle

Beijing Food Tour - Imitated Imperial Meal

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