Monday, January 14, 2008

Bejing Food Tour - Day 2 - Smoked Duck Dinner

Smoked Duck Dinner - December 30, 2007
Restaurant - South Beauty 俏江南
Smoked duck - ¥48/half duck + ¥6@/tea, total: ¥123 inclusive of 10% service charge

Smoked Duck with Tea Leaves - Sichuan Style 樟茶鴨
樟茶鴨¥48,担担面¥6,龍抄手¥8,小草飯¥5,兩甜品¥15/¥16 Cynthia joined us for dinner, despite of the cold weather
Snack Street at Wangfujing


Sticks of cocoon, pupa, cicada and seahorse!

Snacks from all over China

The Snack Street is full of people all the time
Beijing Food Tour - Snack Street Wangfujing

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