Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tsingtao Beer 青島啤酒

2009年8月6日- 訪問青島啤廠
吾講你可能吾知, 青島啤酒廠乃德國人所建. 因為德國人愛飲啤酒, 從德國輸入並不化算, 因此就地建廠, 已有過百年歷史. Do you know that Qingdao Beer is founded by German? In deed, it is. Because German love beer, but it was expensive to import from Germany, so they found the Qingdao Beer in China, some 100 years ago, making use of the local Laoshan mineral water.

The plant has two wings - new / old
麥芽 - Malt
大米 - Rice
啤酒花顆粒 - Pellets
焦香麥芽 - Scorched Malt
製啤酒的器材(舊), 現時已自動化
brewing equipment (old)
now is all automatic
連德國總廠都已無存, 欲重金購回本國博物館未果.
The 100-year old brewing equipments here are so valuable. Even Siemens wants to buy back to display at their museum in Germany headquarters.
參觀完重可以續一試飲 Beer Tasting! Woo, yummy!
Hong Kong Outing - Shandong

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