Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tai O Fishing Village - 大澳水鄉

去到大澳, 最開心就係有懷舊砵仔糕食, 只係3.5, 抵到不得了, 又好食到不得了. 這個年頭, 懷舊街頭美食當真非常難得. Tai O is a famous fishing village in Hong Kong. Many come here for seafood feasts. I come here to visit the seafood market and enjoy some yummy authentic Hong Kong style street-side snack. My mini bowl pudding was only HK$3.5.

Enjoying my mini bowl pudding with red beans
橫水渡 Mini Bridge, people used to raft before it was built
大澳有水鄉之稱, 看看D棚屋 Water-side houses
棚屋居民, 以舟為車 boats are their vehicles
嘩, D花膠好貴, 成$45,000 一斤?
Fish Maw (male), how come its so expensive !? HK$45,000 per catty!
蝦米應該平D啦! Dry prawns must be more economic!
咸魚, 是否真係有人買來做手信? Salt fishes are popular souveniors
其他海味都有好多 Many other dry seafoods
鴨腎都算係海味? Duck's kidney is also a seafood?
咸魚仔, 蝦醬 Mini salt fishes and prawn pastes
林林種種的其他海味, Dry oysters, fish roe etc...
Hong Kong Outing - Tai O Fishing Village


Bran Vero said...

Hi Anna, I found your blog and read some very useful information.

in this chance may I ask you something, since I will visit HK this 19-24 Sept.

1. Tai-o = what can we find in this village? can we find budgeted restaurant with fish menu? since we can not bring those dried fish and seafood to home :p

2. my father is a fish lover (read: eater) hahaha
and he ask me to search about this fish 脆魚 i can not read chinese, but he told me that this fish name is famous in HK (from television ~_~)

3. still has relation with television ~_~, father of mine said he saw a restaurant named Tim Ho Wan (dim sum restaurant) which I have successfully found on the net. do you know that? and is it recommended to go there, considering the queue?

^_^ thank anna. hope to hear from you soon.

bran - indonesia

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

HI Bran,
1. yes, you can find budget restaurant with fresh fish menu.
2. I thought he meant the dry mini fish. But that's not quite crunchy. You may find some deep fried fish skin which are really crispy and delicious.
3. I don't know Tim Ho Wan, cannot comment.
Thanks for reading my blog and welcome to Hong Kong.