Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Geo Park at Sai Kung - 吊鍾州

西貢國家地質公園遊 - 吊鍾州

吾親眼見都吾知香港有D咁靚的風景. 星期日坐五星級遊艇出海遊地質公園, 有導賞員, 全程免費, 你話盞吾盞? 當然啦, 我地立左咁多年稅, 終於取回此微福利. 不過手快有, 手慢冇. 上網登記及時, 才能取得席位. 一家四口, 出海遊玩可也. 去完橋咀島, 續程去吊鍾州, 但不能上岸.

Sai Kung Geo Park continuation - 5-star cruise, personal guide - all FREE. Thanks to HKSAR. We have been tax payer for so many year, it's the first time to get back a little benefit. But we had to act fast, or no luck in securing a seat.

海蝕穴 Sea Caves水成岩 Water Formed Rocks
佢兩姊妹都幾姊妹相 They look extremely fresh and smart - yes, certainly -
they are retired.
退咗休, 個樣特別神采飛揚

See my smiling face - of course -
free cruise, 5-star boat
硬係啦, 吾洗做, 又有免費導賞團同五星級遊艇,
Hong Kong Outing - Sai Kung Geo Park

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