Monday, October 20, 2008

Aqua Cube, Bird's Nest

Visit Olympic Venus - Aqua Cube, Bird's Nest

There are tons of people outside the Aqua Cub and Bird's Nest
水立方, 鳥巢
雖然奧運完了, 仍吸引不少遊人 人山人海, 要影張靚相都吾容易

一落車, 襯住陽光影番張水立方靚相先

Beijing sightseeing bus - Olympic Route
Badly managed.
Annoying noisy music, unprofessional guide.
Mandarin only, not biligual as advertised.
Someone cleaned the staircase while bus was running -
without aware that upper deck passengers will slip down !!
3rmb for whole journey
The only advantage is that the buses are new and clean
音樂炒耳兼討厭, 所謂的導遊敷衍塞責, 亦非雙語, 不知所為.
服務員更在行車期間清洗樓梯, 不怕滑倒樓上乘客.
勝在夠平, 全程三元

Hong Kong Outing - Beijing

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