Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beijing Food - 北京美食

恭王府四川飯店 Oct 16, 2008
Sichuan Restaurant situation at the Prince Gong Palace is my most favourite Sichuan restaurant in Beijing. The smok duck here is of course the best and one of most beloved Sichuan dish. I come here specifically for the smoke duck. Extremely yummy.
不遠千里而來, 都只為了這兒的樟茶鴨 I come here specifically for the smoke duck. Extremely yummy.
Everyone visiting Beijing should try this dish.
四川飯店樟茶鴨, 味道不同凡響
68元半隻 (RMB68 half duck)

Mafo Tofu - very authentic Sichuan taste

麻婆豆付, 正宗四川風味 - 麻辣夠刺激

Very authentic Sichuan dumplings and dan dan noodle.

龍抄手, 担担面, 好味道

向陽屯 Oct 17, 2008

We are extremely happy eating here. Nice environment, very good food and very economic. Unfortunately the restaurant has no English name. It is located at Haidian District, nearby Summer Palace. RMB170 only for the four of us.

Very traditional classic interior design
鷄絲粉皮 Jelly Noodle with Sliced Chicken
紅燒肉 Stewed Pork 頂瓜瓜, 無得彈
炒茶樹菇 Stir Fried Tea Tree Mushroom
說不出名字, 總之好味 Can't remember dish name
餃子 Beijing Dumplings
睇吓我哋食得幾開心, 忙得不亦樂乎
食咗都吾知碟餸叫什麼, 因為是賈先生點菜的

前門烤鴨店 - Oct 18, 2008
烤鴨 , 普普通通, 凍冰冰, 不滿意
Beijing Rost Duck, average only
RMB68 連鴨湯 (include duck soup)
紅燒肉 Stewed Pork, not bad
街頭小吃 - 煎餅 , 好好味, 熱辣辣
Street side snack, RMB3.5 only. Very yummy.
Wrapped with a crispy inside.
Hong Kong Outing - Beijing

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