Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yuan Ming Yuan 圓明園

圓明園 - 國恥遺蹟
Ruins of The Old Summer Palace

Red leaves at the main entrance
一入門口, 就有紅葉
Beautiful autumn views
Some trees turn red
有D樹變紅, 有D 變黃
some turn yellow, like this one

雖然係廢墟, 但係都幾上鏡
ruins of the palace
can you imagine how magnificent it was?

this arc bridge is an original remain in the garden
European style group of buildings
Italian design
行到腳軟至來到西洋樓, 重要另加15元入場費,
回程又要坐電瓶車每人5元, 因為真係很累

拍膊頭都拍得幾啱, 個人好好心機幫我地影相
十二生肖噴泉遺址, 就在我們後面, 八字排列
the 12 animal fountain used to be here, behind us
We are standing at where the king used to be,
to view the fountain
以為冇嘢睇, 都行咗兩個幾鐘頭
遊完圓明園, 仲要去九門小吃玩玩
Visit the 9-Gate Traditional Snack Street
Hong Kong Outing - Beijing

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