Monday, June 15, 2009

葱油伴面 - 我的至愛

Monday, June 8, 2009 - Dinner, forgot restaurant name
無論四川菜如何好吃, 我仍是喜歡吃面. Sichan noddle is always my favourite.

大家都認為這碟菜好好食, 卻不知是什麼材料. 服務員說是用蛋白炸的.
在眾多餐魚中, 這條算最好吃, 骨也不多
去四川食嘢, 已為麻婆豆付最熱門. 錯. 原來蛋和魚才是差不多每餐都有.
Steam eggs and fish are almost there in every meal.
Don't assume that mapo tofu is the most popular dish in Sichuan. Actually there is none except the buffet meal at Jiuzhaigou.
Hong Kong Outing - Sichuan Food

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