Thursday, June 18, 2009

正宗四川樟茶鴨 - 意外收獲

6月7日 - 御膳宮午餐
Royal lunch - well the name of the restaurant say so. This meal is very nicely done. I like it, especially with my favourite smoke duck.

毛牛火腿, 攪吾清楚, 好似係每餐的前茶
Ham/Beef/Cucumber are starters - almost every meal
杞子上湯浸鷄 Chicken in Soup
樟茶鴨 - 我的至愛 - 是意外收獲也, 可惜太細碟
My dearest favourite - Smoke Duck
元蹄 - 可惜也是太細碟, 吾夠喉
杯酒雖然細, 有成6/70 度, 聞吓都會醉
high alcohol - wow, easy to get drunk !
我最鐘意以下幾個細項目: 精緻可口
鴨湯 Duck Soup
西米露 Sago Soup
龜苓膏 Turtle Pudding
食完美味午餐, 點可以吾影相留念?
Hong Kong Outing - Sichuan Trip

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